My Worst 10 Reads of 2017

Almost decided to forgo this list. I love the Top 10 lists but with this one, I feel like it doesn’t have much of a purpose. Though I did enjoy reading all my negative reviews. They’re fun. And I already had the names narrowed down so why not? No dishonourable mentions. Just jumping in.


10. No Love Allowed by Kate Evangelista

23288804Such a pretty cover, isn’t it? And Kate Evangelista that isn’t a bad writer. But this is definitely a bad book. The plot is very generic: rich player meets poor girl who’s not-like-other-girls. Bit of a manic pixie dream girl really. And it seems like barely any effort was put into the book. The romance was forced, the characters nothing special and it was utterly forgettable. Like, I had to read my review multiple times because I barely remember anything about it.


9. Off Sides by Sawyer Bennett

29814654Another rich-boy-meets-poor-girl. Not as forgettable but still very bad. Most of the information about what it means to be really rich or poor, as well as the sports aspect, seems to have come from a quick google search. The writing’s bad, the characters are stereotypical (complete with snobby mother and bitchy ex), the romance is unconvincing and it’s very cliché. And yes, clichés work sometimes. That was not the case here.


8. Moonshot by Alessandra Torre

27872890This is one of those romances that relies heavily on overblown prose that tells the reader that there’s an instant and intense connection between the two characters. Because God forbid that two people get to know each other via conversations. Who needs that when you can fall in love via stares. All this was made worse by cheap “twist” in the middle of the book and the amount of cheating, that no one seems to mind.


7. Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley

31952703This book’s on the list just because of how fucking ridiculous the plot is. Girl loves her BFF. Her family’s leaving town so she writes him a letter. For the next three years, she ignores all his attempts at staying friends because he didn’t mention the letter and not once does it occur to her to ask if he even read the fucking thing. And it doesn’t get better from there. Also, the writing’s bad and the characters are really fucking stupid.


6. Wild Reckless by Ginger Scott

24500775The best-written book. On this list. And yet it’s so high up. You can attribute that to the very unhealthy relationship. The female protagonist was obsessed with the male protagonist. Not from the beginning but pretty soon after. Her every though started and ended with him. Also, every single aspect of the novel was a plot device for the romance. Like, the protagonist’s mother could get hit by a bus and it wouldn’t be about how it affects her, but how it affects her relationship. And this shit is supposed to be romantic…


5. Bait & Switch by Kendall Ryan

27175281Imma tell you what the worst part is by simply giving you a few lines from my review.
Nolan’s big conundrum is that he wants to be with Lacey (female MC) but he has to help out his roommate by sleeping with her, and he’s having difficulty making a decision. Yes, his life is so difficult because he has to have kinky sex with his roommate and doesn’t want to hurt her by ending things. My heart bleeds for Nolan’s poor soul.
Need I say more?


4. How to Date a Nerd by Cassie Mae

32148697Why would you write a book about nerds when your knowledge of nerds and nerdy things doesn’t extend far beyond what you see in crappy tv shows? Stereotypes and jokes make not a cute romance. Also, explain to me how this is a good kissing scene.
“Oh yes, yes, yes. He’s the best kisser in the whole freaking world! Even with the frenching, it’s not sloppy or gross, it’s just so flippin’ fantastic!”
Just… it’s so bad.


3. Groupie by Susan Daugherty

33236624A book about groupies that just insulted groupies the whole time. Going as far as to call them, and I’m paraphrasing here, a cycle of disposable bimbos. We also have a complete and utter bitch for a female protagonist, as asshole for a male protagonist and the insinuation that if a guy practically got molested, it was his fault because his songs have lewd lyrics. At this point I’m wondering if I should put it higher on the list.


2. A Stone in the Sea by A.L. Jackson

32939643My least favourite writing on this list can be found in this book. In my review, I described it as a romantic comedy directed by Zack Snyder. The book’s lifeless. The writing is repetitive and tedious. Also, both the main characters suck. The guy has anger management issues and solves most problems with his fists while his friends defend him by saying he simply has a big heart. It was also really fucking boring. Probably the only romance novel that almost put me to sleep. Barely got through it.


1. Snow and Mistletoe by Alexa Riley

28175159One of the worst books I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading. It’s a novella and after reading it, I sat there, staring off into space in horror, wondering if there’s any hope left for humanity. But dramatics aside, we have a guy who’s hella creepy and a stalker, and a girl who doesn’t mind it. Thinks that it’s sweet that he cares enough to be a creepy stalker. I’m sure it’ll be even more adorable when you dump him and start receiving letters written in blood and videos of him jerking off while smelling your shoe or something. Yes, he’s that messed up. This book is downright disturbing. And what’s worse? It’s sold as cheesy. The fuck!



And that’s the end of that. Glad I got it over with. Now I never have to think about these books ever again. And you know, given the amount of romances on the list (basically, all of them), I almost wondered if I should quit the genre. But then I remembered all the amazing romances I read and how much I love romances, and I’m good.

What were some of your worst reads of the year? Or better yet, what were some of your best reads of the year? Those are always more fun to talk about. Who cares about the terrible ones, right?


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