Review: Finders Keepers by N.R. Walker


Genre: Contemporary, Romance, M/M
Pages: 218
Series: None
Release Date: January 31, 2018
Publisher: BlueHeart Press

Amazon   Goodreads

4 Stars


…And my N.R. Walker binge(ish) continues! I have no regrets. Her books are just so fun and easy to read that I can’t help myself. You should just get used to seeing lots of reviews of her books because she has lots and I’m planning to read ’em all.

This might be the most adorable one yet. Dane is away at a week-long conference and, in the meantime, left his dog, Wicket, with his parents. Only, Wicket ran off. Dane is still stuck hours away and worried sick. Until he gets a text saying that someone found his dog. That someone is Griffin.

Griffin moved to town for his new job and while he was out exploring, he came across a dog who looked lost. He contacted the owner via the number on the collar and that’s how his and Dane’s romance started; through text messages and phone calls, and pictures sent by Griffin of all the places he and Wicket are having fun while Dane is still away. And I’m saying it again, it was adorable.

Theirs is a very simple story. Except for maybe the met-via-a-lost-dog part. They start to like one another during the contact over the phone and by the time they meet, both are interested in getting to know each other better. They’re maybe even interested in dating and seeing how things would go from there.

This isn’t an “exciting” book. Some might even say it’s too simple and doesn’t have enough conflict. But it’s really cute and enjoyable. Dane and Griffin are such genuinely nice guys and you like them immediately. Seeing them connect, whether it’s because of Wicket or their jobs or something else, it’s all a joy to read. And the book is funny too. And what you get in the end is a novel that has you smiling throughout.

Overall, great characters (and side-characters) and a very sweet story. A book I’d recommend to anyone who needs a bit of cheering up.


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