Review: Wake Me Up Inside by Cardeno C.


Genre: Paranormal Romance, M/M
Pages: 250
Series: Mates #1 (Can be read as Standalone)
Release Date: August 15, 2012
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Amazon   Goodreads

2 Stars


A few days ago, I would’ve been happy to forget this book. But about a week after I read it, I decided to give the sequel/spin-off a try. I ended up skimming though the other three books of the series and I like them all better than this one.

Unfortunately, since I only skimmed through them, I won’t be reviewing them. And there’s a chance that I liked them more than I normally would have because I skimmed them. But that doesn’t change the fact that I liked them. Which is why it sucks that the one I’m review is the one I didn’t like. It also makes me reconsider the reason I didn’t like it.

The synopsis I read on Goodreads said that this book was about two best friends falling in love, which stands true. One guy, Zev, is the alpha of a werewolf pack. The other, Jonah, is human. And because the shifter community isn’t accepting of a relationship with a human, or a “half-soul” as they call them, or one between two guys, they would never accept that Zev and Jonah could be True Mates, which is something very special and rare. There’s also the issue of Jonah having left for college twelve years ago. Now, the two are finally going to come together and try to overcome all the obstacles between them and their happy ending.

And see, that’s a good synopsis. I was especially interested in the werewolf part because I wanted to know if that was a trope I still liked (loved it when I was 16). Only, no one told me that it was all a lie!

Well, that might be a but of an exaggeration. The issue is more about the fact that, after the prologue, the next 100-150 pages are focused on the journey from Zev and Jonah as toddlers to them as adults. And I hate it when books are all like ‘here’s what happening right now. But before I continue, let me just go back a few decades’. Why the hell would you do that?! And why wouldn’t you inform the reader beforehand?!

If not in the description, the book could’ve been divided into two parts to make things clear. But no, we just got to wait for the book to get to the fucking point!

I’ll admit though, at first it was cute. Who doesn’t love two kids becoming friends. And I accepted that we’d read up to Jonah’s highschool graduation. But then it just kept going on and on… They met plenty of times during the twelve-year “separation”. And after about a 100 pages of backstory mode, I lost patience. I even sped through a couple of chapters. And when we finally did get to present time, it was disappointing. I wanted to see them battling archaic stigma! What I got was a sex montage followed by a bunch underwhelming stuff. It pissed me off.

But the reason I found myself reconsidering some things is the fact that the synopsis was misleading. If I hadn’t been expecting something completely different, I might have liked the book more. Not a lot more because there are still other problems, but a little for sure.

The other problem is with the werewolves. The pack, the terminology used, the customs and traditions, it was all so… unimaginative. It was like I was reading a book on Wattpad. The writing was better than you’d usually find there but creating terminology by capitalizing the first letter of a common word… it felt lazy and corny. There was also stuff like when the alpha would be all alpha-like and the other person/wolf would expose his throat or roll over on his back. It made me cringe.

This stuff is still prevalent in the other book to some degree, but two of them have a main characters who’s a vampire so it’s not as bad. Also, the story is better in them and if I were to recommend a book from this series, it’s be Until Forever Comes which is much better, in my opinion. This one I’d suggest avoiding.


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